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Raymarine 4kW 24" 608mm Digital Radome - No Cable

Product description:

High Performance 4KW Radome Antenna 48NM

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Manufacturer Part # Model # Price Qty
Raymarine RME92132 E92132 Was $2,849.00
Now $2,194.00 AUD
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Extended Description

RD424D Features include:

4kW power output
48NM Range
Plug and Play compatibility with Raymarine C and E-Series multifunction navigation displays.
New and improved dome housing.
Improved radiation pattern and bearing resolution using Propagation Enhancing Geometry.
Advanced microprocessor controlled transmitter receiver features 8 Pulse width/PRF settings, providing enhanced targets returns though every range scale.
Improved sensitivity, signal to noise ratio, and a lower overall receive noise figure.
Same mounting pattern as previous generation radomes.