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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you install?

Where do I get my MMSI number


  Do you install and how much do you charge

Aquatronics Marine has qualified technicians available for all marine electronics installation work, we can provide a full installation, calibration and commissioning. Our normal hourly rates are competitive and special rates can be quoted for rewires and larger projects. - Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

  Where do I get my MMSI number 

MMSI numbers are issued by AMSA and identify the vessel MMSI application form -  You will require a DSC VHF or HF radio and  your current Call Sign.

Go to AMSA form via this link or download from our site MMSI application form

  If you have any problems you can contact us for advice.

WARNING - do not relocate your radio to another vessel as you will be incorrectly identified.