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Raymarine ST1000 Tiller pilot

Product description:

- Advanced Tiller Pilot for sailing vessels up to 6,600 lbs(3,000 kg). Invented by Autohelm in 1974, tiller pilots have consistently been the worlds most popular pilot ever since, setting the standard for performance, reliability and ease of use. Advanced features are standard. AutoTack lets you handle the sheets, while the pilot tacks the boat and AutoSeastate intelligently keeps the boat on course while conserving power. Whether used as a stand-alone pilot or with a SeaTalk/NMEA GPS, the clear backlit LCD and 6-button keypad make these pilots safe and easy to use.

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Manufacturer Part # Model # Price
Raymarine RMA12004 A12004 Call for special

Extended Description

Powerful and efficient drive unit housed in a waterproof case Easy-to-use controls
Backlit LCD confirms current and locked heading, plus wind and navigational data when connected to a system
Efficient, intelligent steering for optimum power conservation
Manual and autoseastate, autotrim
User adjustable settings and alarms
Optional remote control and external compass
Backlit LCD display of heading, locked course and navigational information
User calibration for optimum performance
WindTrim control in WindTrim mode
Automatic compass deviation correction
Northerly/Southerly heading compensation
Automatic heading deadband seastate control
Automatic tack
Waypoint advance feature
Integral fluxgate compass