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Raymarine a75 7" MFD Wi-Fi AUS NZ Chart

Product description:

a75 7" Multifunctional Display with Wi-Fi & AUS/NZ CMAP Essentials Chart

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Manufacturer Part # Model # Price Qty
Raymarine RME70166-CANZ E70166-CANZ Was $1,279.00
Now $999.00 AUD
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Extended Description

Powerful, go-anywhere navigation; aSeries multifunction displays deliver the speed and simplicity of LightHouse II in a fast and fluid touch screen experience. With extensive networking options, aSeries will put you in control of charts, sonar, radar and more.
Key Features
Swipe, Touch and Navigate - very simple. Powered by Raymarine's intuitive LightHouse user interface.
Super Bright LED Technology - sunlight viewable optically bonded display
Sonar Capable - choose an aSeries with built-in digital sonar or built-in CHIRP DownVision sonar. Alternatively, network a sonar module.