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Raymarine Evolution EV1 Sensor Core

Product description:

Raymarine EVOLUTION the latest and very best in AUTOPILOT technology. Evolution - a true breakthrough... The Evolution combines advanced aerospace guidance technology with Raymarines long established marine autopilot expertise. This means a whole new level of accuracy and control. This innovative breakthrough in autopilot intelligence uses Evolution AI control algorithms which enable Evolution autopilots to perceive their environment and then instantly calculate and evolve steering commands to maximize performance. The result is precise and confident course keeping, regardless of vessel speed or sea conditions. At the heart of the Raymarine Evolution pilot system is a compact, EV sensor core - a 9-axis heading sensor and full function course computer in one. Small, lightweight, easily mounted and totally waterproof (IPx6) it can be installed above or below decks as space and practicality dictate.

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Manufacturer Part # Model # Price Qty
Raymarine RME70096 E70096 Was $880.00
Now $699.00 AUD
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Extended Description

NOTE : Evolution on its own is not a complete Autopilot system...
Complete systems may also require : Raymarine Autopilot Controller (such as p70 or p70R) , ACU and drive unit. (Hydraulic / Linear / Wheel-Drive / Tiller-Drive etc)...

Check this list of EV Sensor Core benefits
Precision monitoring of heading, pitch, roll, and yaw allowing the autopilot to evolve
instantly as sea conditions and vessel dynamics change.
Flexible installation options. Mount above or below deck.
Simple SeaTalkNG connectivity to the control head and ACU.
Solid state sensor technology delivers dynamic accuracy to within 2 degrees in all
Auto-compensation for on board magnetic fields and reliable heading accuracy in
northern and southern extremes.
Fast and reliable heading data for MARPA, radar overlay, and heading modes on
Raymarine multifunction displays.

Evolution autopilot offers:
Superb On Track Performance,
Smoother, more progressive turn-in.
Assured performance for all hull types, at all speeds.
Automatic optimal boat response in all sea states and weather conditions
Selectable modes emphasize comfort, economy, or accuracy

Superior Technology
Solid state technology with 9-axis stabilization.
Dynamic accuracy to within 2 degrees in all conditions.
Automatic compensation for magnetic fields.
Enhanced accuracy in extreme north and south latitudes.