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Vesper Marine Vesper Marine Virtual AIS Beacon

Product description:

The new and innovative Virtual AIS Beacon addresses the need to make hazards at sea visible when costly physical infrastructure is not appropriate or is impossible to deploy. It is based on Vesper Marines highly successful range of AIS products. The Virtual AIS Beacon uses our AIS Processing Engine technology to offer a completely new product to Port Authorities, Port Companies and organizations with Oil, Gas, Offshore Fishing, Aquaculture or Marina operations. Conditions Apply for resale... Prices and packages on application.

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Vesper Marine VM-VAB VAB Call for special

Extended Description

When a Virtual AIS Beacon is deployed and marking hazards such as a reef or other obstacles, a ships existing onboard equipment is able to alert crews that they are on a collision course with the hazard well before they come in contact with it.
Other uses of the Virtual AIS Beacon include;
Marking shipping channels, used to join the dots between physical buoys to improve shipping lane visibility
Marking areas where navigation conditions change frequently, including; overhead clearance, ice, water levels, etc
Marking both visible and invisible hazards, including; bridges, marina/piers, reefs or shellfish beds
Marking moving hazards such as sand bars to regularly provide changes in location and provide alert warnings
And can even be used to throw up temporary cordons around events such as boat / yacht race and swim courses or other no-go areas such as hazardous spills, marine protected areas, etc
One of many examples of where the Virtual AIS Beacon can be used is to mark a shipping channel. This might be needed to augment existing physical buoys or to implement a temporary route.