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Vesper Marine WatchMate VHF Splitter RX and TX

Product description:

VHF antenna splitter for use with ais receivers and transponders.

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Manufacturer Part # Model # Price Qty
Vesper Marine WM-SP160 SP160 $379.00 AUD Add to Cart

Extended Description

Simple connections
No adapters or special patch cords needed for VHF/AIS. Uses standard PL259 patch cables.
Easy installation
Very compact and easy to install with built-in mounting flanges.
LED status indicators
4 status LED's (power, VHF transmit, AIS transmit, antenna quality).
AM/FM radio connection
Provides AM/FM radio connection. An optional cable with a standard "Motorola plug" is available to make installation easy. Plugs directly into almost all car or marine stereos.
VHF-in-use indicator
VHF-in-use indicator appears on the screen of the AISWatchMate Transponder (WMX850) whenever the VHF radio is being used. This unique feature indicates when AIS traffic is delayed due to the antenna being in-use by the VHF radio.
Fail-safe VHF priority
VHF radio always has priority and the VHF can always transmit even if the power to the splitter fails.
Antenna quality monitor indicates if there is a problem
The unique antenna quality LED will indicate a problem with the antenna, cable or installation.
Low power consumption
Very low power consumption designed to save your battery power.
12 or 24 Volt supply
Designed to work with either 12 or 24 volt supply.
IPx7 rated. High quality rugged construction made specifically for marine use.