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Raymarine P66 DST Transom Mount Transducer

Product description:

Transom Mount 600W with Water Temp. & Speed (STW) sensor Frequency: 50 and 200kHz

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Raymarine RME66054 E66054 Was $310.00
Now $259.00 AUD
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Extended Description

The is a very popular transom mount transducer with built-in paddle wheel for spped through water. Suitable for most trailer boat installations the transducer is very easy to install and a cost effective option. Excellent dual frequency performance with built-in water temperature sensor. The transducer is supplied complete with a "snap up" bracket that allows the transducer to kick up if an underwater object is struck whilst at speed. This prevents total damage to the transducer.


Mounting Type: Transom Mount

Frequency: 50 and 200kHz

Power (RMS): 600 WATTS

Beam Angle: 50kHz = 45° & 200kHz = 11°

Housing Material: Plastic

Plug: to suit Raymarine DSM
Temp Sensor: Yes (Built-in)

Speed: Yes (Paddle Wheel)