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Raymarine 45STV - 45cm Sat TV Antenna

Product description:

45cm stabilized Satellite Television Antenna System for DVB compatible digital satellite television receivers.

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Raymarine RME42193-2 E42193-2 Was $7,499.00
Now $5,999.00 AUD
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Extended Description

The Raymarine 45STV Satellite television Antenna System brings Raymarine performance and quality to on board entertainment. Featuring a stylish and compact dome, the 45STV provides uninterrupted satellite television reception in almost any condition. The fully automatic, marine stabilized antenna quickly identifies compatible DVB (Digital Video Broadcast) satellites, using a unique Wide Range Search (WRS) algorithm. Highly accurate satellite tracking at sea is achieved via the 45STV's Dynamic Beam Tilting technology, ensuring a clear picture in the most challenging conditions.
System Components

45 STV Features

Dual LNB Design: Watch the weather at the helm while others enjoy the game down below. The 45STV's dual LNB design allow support of multiple receivers.

Wide Range Search (WRS) Algorithm: Unique high speed search allows for fast identification and acquisition of satellites.

Dynamic Beam Tilting (DBT) Technology: Enables the 45STV to track signals in the most extreme weather and sea conditions.

Compact and Lightweight: With a footprint of only 19.2 inches in diameter and a weighing in at sprightly 31 pounds, the 45STV makes underway satellite television reception a reality for vessels of all sizes

The Raymarine 45STV Satellite television Antenna System consists of the following components:

45STV Antenna

Rugged stabilized antenna with dual LNB.
Stylish, compact, and lightweight.
Engineered for the harshest marine environments.
Simplified cabling for easy installation.

Antenna Control Unit
Provides power to 45STV antenna.
Displays antenna status.
Enables manual satellite selection.
Easily upgraded by PC connection.

To complete the installation, you will need to purchase and activate a DVB compatible satellite TV receiver with the provider of your choice and provide a television monitor or other suitable video display.