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Raymarine B744V 600wThru Hull Bronze Depth,Speed,Temp with Fairing

Product description:

600 Watt Bronze through hull transducer with depth speed and temperature. Includes high speed fairing(B744V)

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Raymarine RMA66091 A66091 Was $910.00
Now $749.00 AUD
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Extended Description

Compatible with the following Echo Sounders:

DSM250 and DSM300
SL Series: SL755RC, SL760RC , SL1250, and SL1250RC
hsb2 Plus Series: L755RC, L760, L760RC, L1250,and L1250RC
hsb2 HDFI Series: DSM250, L770D, L770DRC, L1260D, and L1260DRC
Compatible hull material: wood and fiberglass

Max Power: 600 W

Frequency: 200/50 kHz

Cable: 30ft (10m) cable with connector

Other: Self-sealing removable paddle wheel insert.

Includes high speed fairing block.